Life is good.

It should be fun.

But, what do I know?

Well, somehow have done quite a bit over the past few decades, racing and playing all over the globe to include a few podiums:

•  XTERRA World Championships Races
•  XTERRA National Championships Races
•  ITU Cross World Championship, Silver Medalist AG
•  Mountain Bike XC racing (Cat 1)
•  National Championships Qualifier (MTB)
•  National Age-Group Championship Qualifier (USAT/Triathlon)
•  XTERRA Regional Champion (2008; 2012)
•  Endurance/stage racing
       Trans-Andes (4th open),
       La Ruta de Los Conquistadores,
       Coco 250, AZ and CO endurance events
•  Running
       Numerous trail Races, Half-Marathon & tons of 5/10Ks 
•  Triathlons - from sprint to Half-Ironman
•  Adventure racing
•  Miles of hiking/mountaineering
       Kilimanjaro (<2days), Whitney, multiple Grand Canyon,...
•  Oh yeah, and served my country for going on over 25 years now.

Certifications, Specialities and areas of interest:
•  USAT Coach
•  USAC Coach
•  First-aid, CPR, Wilderness First Aid, plus numerous military training course certs.
•  Additional certification in (and huge interest in) living and racing with hormonal challenges to include peri and post-menopausal and thyroid challenges
•  Mega-nerd on performance nutrition, periodization and overall health. Proponent of both animal protein AND plant-based.

Some other useless tidbits about me:

• Love the sunshine (and sunscreen!)
• Love the ocean, but need the desert mountains out west
• Respect the singlespeed, but LOVE my gears
• Always wear pearls
• Years of cross-country running, tennis, softball as well as ballet, jazz, modern and even some tap-dancing
• Have always had a bike (and got in trouble as a kid for venturing "too far" from home)
• Grew up on a horse/cattle ranch
• Served in the military...and have served in most of the "hot-spots"
• Try to get above 12k alt a few times a week; nothing like walking ridgelines (thank you San Juan range!)
• Had some of my best race results during the years that I was "on the road" most of the year  
        (traveling should not be an excuse for not staying fit and well-trained)
• Have A LOT of self-preservation on the trails
• Don't do flip turns 😂
• Always do underwater summersaults at end of every swim session
• Love working with the XTERRA crew, great family!
• Love to learn all I can about training, sports nutrition, health,...
• Many of my short walks often turn into all-day treks way off the grid
• Love to eat healthy organic food, but have a terrible weakness for tortilla chips (heated) and salsa...and LOVE burned & crispy dark-chocolate chip cookies!
• Damaged my knee a few years ago, forcing me to lighten the load on racing but to better appreciate each day :-)