27 September 2011

RedRock88 Endurance Coaching & More....

It's about quality of training, not quantity.  While yes, training should sometimes be hard, it should also be fun and not something you dread every day.  I value a balanced lifestyle with a heavy emphasis on health, fitness, wholesome nutrition and some good ol' fun competition.

Based in northern Arizona, but working with clients worldwide -- from your first ever 5K to your umpteenth multi-day stage race -- I provide coaching and consulting for endurance competition/events, such as...

-Triathlon / Multisport
-Mountain Biking
-Epic/Endurance Racing
-Backcountry Adventure
-Hiking expeditions
-Adventure Racing
-Additional Specialized Skills
      such as Land Navigation, Self-Defense* and more.
-Overall Personal Fitness
     . . . and the list goes on!

What I offer. . .

-Comprehensive initial consultation addressing your goals...where you ARE and
     where you want to GO!
-Detailed training plans.
-Continuous guidance & feedback for you to reach your goals.
-In-person or remotely (online/phone)...all personalized for you!
      Military/TDY athlete? Frequent traveler? No problem!  
-Creative ways for you to push it to the next level -- from just getting started to
       finding that next big epic adventure.
-Initial in-person run/bike/swim assessments (optional).
-Nutritional guidance.
-Incorporation of other non-competitive activities for strength, core, flexibility, grins.
-And if I can't help with something specific, I will work closely with you to find
       the right solutions/options!

Looking forward to working with you!