RedRock88 Endurance Coaching & More....

It's about quality of training, not quantity!
While yes, training should sometimes absolutely be challenging, it should also be fun and not something you dread every day.  I value a balanced lifestyle with a heavy emphasis on health, fitness, functionality, strength, wholesome nutrition and some good ol' fun competition.

Based in Arizona and Colorado, and working with clients worldwide -- from your first ever 5K to your umpteenth multi-day stage race -- I provide coaching and consulting for endurance competition/events, such as...

• Triathlon / Multisport
• Cycling 
      Mountain Biking
• Endurance Racing
• Running 
• XTERRA Offroad
• Motorcycle, motocross, enduro, dirtbike, adventure bike (ADV) riding/touring/racing.
• Adventure Racing, hiking, hunting other backcountry adventures.
• Preparation of multi-day/week events (cycling, motorcycling, thru-hiking, etc.)
• Additional Specialized Skills, e.g. Land Navigation, Defensive Tactics and more.
• Military / tactical fitness and selection readiness
• Overall Personal Fitness   . . . and the list goes on!

What I offer. . .

• Comprehensive initial consultation addressing your goals...where you ARE and where you want to GO in sport!
• Detailed training plans.
• Continuous guidance & feedback for you to reach your goals.
• In-person or remotely...all personalized for you!
      Military/TDY athlete? Frequent traveler? No problem!  
• Creative ways for you to push it to the next level -- from just getting started to finding that next big epic adventure.
• Initial in-person run/bike/swim assessments (optional).
• Nutritional guidance.
• Strength-training guidance.
• A solid understanding (and appreciation) for athletes facing health conditions, hormonal imbalances, aging and mature athletes, etc.
• Incorporation of other non-competitive activities for strength, core, flexibility, grins!

If you think I might be able to help you with your goals, please don't hesitate to reach out.  I'm happy to field your questions and get the ball rolling!  Feel free to read more "About me" and know that if my roster is full or if your need is outside my arena, I will work closely with you to find the right course of action!

Looking forward to working with you!